Wednesday, 4 July 2018

  One day I watch a mouie called real  steal  there was fightg and the people  wene  controlling the  robots name was Adam and he fought another  fobot and  his name was  zue and Adam one he fights all of the robots  and zue was the the chapinonon but Adam he  fought zue to win all of the robots and Adam became the chapinonon of real steal l watched   it with my mum and dad and sisted and it was fun then we watched anather moie

Friday, 22 June 2018

Tock the Tiger

I like tock the tiger and he lives in the talls  mouains. He likes to sleep in the sun and  in the cave. Then In  comes A Lion coming to the cave tock  went inside and he saw the Lion  coming inside his cave then he roared at the Lion but the lion didn't run away from the tiger because the lion wanted a friend. Then they became friends for ever and then they went to play outside.